Executive Team

Kyla Jarrell (she/her) – President

Sophomore – Chemical Engineering


Hello! I’m Kyla Jarrell, and I’m from Eagle River, Alaska. This is my third semester with EWB, and I have been involved in NCP and the fundraising team. EWB has been such a great experience; I have had so much fun getting involved with the benefit dinner and meeting so many passionate people. I’m looking forward to all the fun events this year. Outside of EWB, I enjoy dancing, aerial arts, and going on walks around campus.

Andy Grieshop – Faculty Advisor



Dr. Andy Grieshop of the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering is the awesome faculty advisor for our chapter. Click here to read more about Dr. Grieshop’s work.

Emma Carpenter (she/her) – VP of Chapter Development

Sophomore – Chemical Engineering


Hello! My name is Emma Carpenter and I have been a part of EWB for 1 year, and it is my first semester serving on the leadership team. I am on the SLRE team and the thing I love most about EWB is getting to work on projects that have a huge impact. I’m from Raleigh and some of my activities outside EWB include playing volleyball, undergraduate research, and serving as an engineering ambassador.

Manny Valbuena Peña (he/him) – VP of Projects

Senior – Environmental Engineering and Art & Design Minor


I joined EWB my freshman year, and have been a member of GWS for five semesters! We got to go to Guatemala last December and I can honestly say it’s been one of my favorite undergrad experiences yet, and I’m really looking forward to our next trip. I love EWB because of how interdisciplinary the work is; we obviously get to do some great engineering design but we also deal with anything from community building to grant-writing. Outside of EWB and classes, I really enjoy being in nature, playing soccer/volleyball/pickleball/etc., trying new foods, and traveling!

Project Leads

Diya Rau (she/her) – Sierra Leone Water Co-Lead

Junior – Environmental Engineering and International Studies Minor


My name is Diya Rau, and I am a Junior majoring in Environmental Engineering with a minor in International Studies. I have been part of EWB for a year and a half, and I absolutely love working with the Sierra Leone Water team. I’m from Raleigh, and I am an Indian classical dancer. I love trying out new things around the city, and hanging out with friends! I love the team spirit within EWB, and everyone’s drive and motivation to learn more as they help others really inspires me to do my best in EWB.

Aaina Vannan (she/her) – Sierra Leone Water Co-Lead

Senior – Computer Science and Cognitive Science Minor


I’m Aaina Vannan and I’m a senior majoring in computer science with a minor in cognitive science. I was born in Bangalore, India, but I’ve been in living in Chicago for the last four years. I love to cook, travel, and try out new food. I joined EWB as a freshman and became a SLW co-lead the start of my sophomore year. I love EWB for all the friends its giving me. Also, traveling to Sierra Leone for our assessment trip was a pretty incredible experience.

Carrie Horrell (she/her) – Guatemala Water Systems Co-Lead

Junior – Mechanical Engineering and Science, Technology, and Society Minor


I have been part of EWB/GWS since my first semester freshman year! I found out about the organization before my acceptance to NCSU and knew it was the place for me, since I have always been interested in service work and international engineering. This is my first semester as a project lead!! I have gained some amazing friends and memories and grown more in my engineering, leadership, and communication skills through this experience than anywhere else at State. As a double major, and someone who is interested in sustainable development, the hands on experiences and exposure to different fields GWS provides has been incredible. I have learned about water quality testing, data visualization, grant writing, and a million other important project components that have challenged me to step outside of my area of study. Outside of classes, I am an avid hiker, kayaker, and general outdoor enthusiast, and I have a goal to travel to all 50 states in my lifetime. I am a Caldwell Fellow and Ben Franklin Scholar on campus, I have a big family that likes to road-trip, and I am currently learning to weld.

Hope Heinrichs (she/her) – Guatemala Water Systems Co-Lead

Sophomore – Industrial and Systems Engineering


I’ve been a part of EWB since 2022 and have absolutely loved it. I had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala with EWB, and gained so much perspective and knowledge from it. Outside of my passion for EWB, I love finding new coffee shops, hanging with friends, and traveling.

Jakob Triemstra (he/him) – Sierra Leone Renewable Energy Project Co-Lead

Senior – Electrical Engineering and Music Minor


I’ve always been interested in solar energy generation, and back in Fall 2020 the Sierra Leone Renewable Energy project offered me a chance to explore my interest while contributing to a meaningful cause. Engineers Without Borders has changed the way I think about serving others and introduced me to some of the most impressive and motivated I know. When I’m not working on EWB, I’m playing in the marching band, listening to my vinyls, or playing pickleball behind Carmichael.

David Fort (he/him) – Sierra Leone Renewable Energy Project Co-Lead

Sophomore – Electrical Engineering


Kaitlyn Rosenberg (she/her) – Sierra Leone Renewable Energy Project Co-Lead

Sophomore – Chemical Engineering and Spanish Minor


I’ve been a member of SLRE for the past two years. I love EWB because it gives me the opportunity to learn more about communities around the world and engineering projects, all while helping people. My favorite memory from EWB was definitely traveling to Sierra Leone on our assessment trip last year. Outside of EWB, I love to crochet and hike!

Mia Boosey (she/her) – Local Projects Co-Lead

Junior – Chemical Engineering


I have been with the North Carolina Project of EWB since I was a freshman so for two years. My favorite part about the club is the people, they are so welcoming and I love working with them. Outside of EWB I love to do anything crafty; sew, paint, draw. I alter/sew the majority of my clothes that I own because I love sustainable practices and it is fun to do!

Sam Friedel (he/him) – Local Projects Co-Lead

Senior – Mechanical Engineering


Hey! My name is Sam Friedel and I’m a Co-Lead for the North Carolina Projects team. I’m from Apex, NC, and in my free time I enjoy disc golfing, hiking, watching football, and traveling. I joined EWB in Spring 2022 and quickly jumped into a role as an officer because I loved being on a project team so much. As an aspiring engineer, NCP was a great way for me to get experience working in a team to overcome design challenges and give back to my community!

Chapter Development Officers

Maisha Chowdhury (she/her) – Administrative Director

Junior – Environmental Engineering & Business Administration Minor


Hi! My name is Maisha Chowdhury, and I am a junior in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. I have been a part of EWB’s Sierra Leone Water Team since the beginning of my junior year, and I love the environment our members create. Everyone is always willing to include and teach others about the projects, and the goals of EWB overall are beneficial to communities across the globe. Each member shares the passion to help create solutions to problems faced by these communities which is something I have always admired about the club. Outside of EWB, I am part of the Honors Program and the fraternity Epsilon Eta. I also enjoy weight lifting, baking, and being outdoors!

Tochukwu Aniekwensi (he/him) – Financial Director

Freshman – Chemical Engineering


Hello, I have been part of EWB since Fall 2023 and I am a part of the Sierra Leone Renewable Energy Project team. A fun fact about me is that I really like math and I’m thinking about double majoring in Mathematics and Chemical Engineering.

Ella Marsh (she/her) – Public Relations Director

Sophomore – Mechanical Engineering


I’ve been a part of EWB since my freshman year and joined the Sierra Leone water team in Fall of 2023. I recently became the Public Relations Director, and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to promote and become more involved in EWB through volunteering activities. Outside of EWB and any other academic responsibilities, I love going to sporting events with friends, am a Disney fanatic, and absolutely love to read (though I prefer the term bookdragon to bookworm).

Morgan Sawyer (he/him) – Fundraising Director

Sophomore – Computer Science


Hello my name is Morgan Sawyer and I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. I really enjoy whitewater rafting and hiking all across the country. I’ve been a part of EWB for a year now and I’m extremely happy I joined! In EWB I’ve always have felt welcomed and included, even when I didn’t know anyone else in the club.

Naomi Bouedo (she/her) – Technical Director

Junior – Chemical Engineering and Biomanufacturing Minor


Hi! This is my first semester in EWB and I am so excited to get to know everyone! I am originally from Cary, NC but a little fun fact about me is that I have French citizenship! I am super passionate about helping others and outside of school and work, you can often find me volunteering at various organizations around Raleigh with my service sorority. I also love playing soccer, hiking, and baking for my roommates. 

Jenna Leek (they/them) – Partnerships Director

Freshman – Chemical Engineering


I am a First-year Chemical Engineering student from Cary, NC. I’m mostly interested in genetics and pharmaceuticals, but I also love sustainability-focused projects and I’m pretty crafty too! I’ve been part of EWB since I arrived at NCSU during the Fall 2023 semester. I’m part of the Fundraising Team and enjoy working behind the scenes to make our projects possible. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our community-building and networking too, and it feels great to be part of something bigger than myself.

Emma Carpenter (she/her) – Community Director

Sophomore – Chemical Engineering


Hello! My name is Emma Carpenter and I have been a part of EWB for 1 year, and it is my first semester serving on the leadership team. I am on the SLRE team and the thing I love most about EWB is getting to work on projects that have a huge impact. I’m from Raleigh and some of my activities outside EWB include playing volleyball, undergraduate research, and serving as an engineering ambassador.