The 2020-2021 Guatemala Water Systems team is excited to introduce themselves to the local and global community!

Project Leads


My name is Alvin Mutongi and I major in Environmental Engineering and am one of the co-leads for GWS. I am also interested in policy implementation and am considering studying public policy or Agricultural economics. Outside of Engineers Without Borders I am a part of NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) and I enjoy going to the gym, running and playing Dungeons and Dragons.


My name is Ramya Balasubramanian and I’m majoring in Chemical Engineering and minor or double majoring with Spanish. I’m one of the co-leads for GWS! I am also involved with undergraduate research, VOLAR, and the Goodnight Scholars Program. I love reading, listening to music, and spending time outdoors!

Hi there! My name is Mikaela McCarson and I am hoping to major in aerospace engineering and minor in environmental science. The things I enjoy most in life are meeting new and different people and making a positive impact on the world around me, so I am beyond excited to be a part of EWB and the Guatemala Water Systems project team. Outside of school, I enjoy exercise, finding new coffee places, and spending time outdoors!

Hi, I’m Luke Shealy. I’m studying environmental engineering and served as one of the co-leads of the Guatemala Water Sources and Treatment Team and had the opportunity to join our first implementation team. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors and am involved with the Leadership Unpacked podcast.

My name is Alexandra Boily and I hope to major in Chemical Engineering. I am trilingual in French, Spanish, and English and I have three citizenships. Outside of school, I am part of the Swim Club and I enjoy playing the piano.

My name is Julia O’Brien and I’m pursuing a dual-degree in Spanish and Chemical Engineering with a Biomanufacturing Concentration. I’ve been thoroughly involved with EWB since my freshman year, working as the Financial Director, participating in fundraising efforts, and traveling with our project team on both our assessment and implementation trips. My hobbies include spending time with Sarita McConnell.

Hey guys! My name is Jenny Gosney and I am studying Civil Engineering. I love being a part of the EWB community and a service-based project. The project in Guatemala has taught me so much technically and personally.  Outside of school I love to be outdoors and to exercise (especially yoga). If you have any questions feel free to email me!

My name is Zoe Chavis and I hope to major in biological. I plan to focus in either environmental or bioprocessing, but either way EWB is a great extension of those pathways. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, going to music festivals, and just generally being surrounded by our fantastic earth.

My name is Holly Newman and I major in Mechanical Engineering. This is my first year as a member of EWB and I’m excited to get more involved! In my free time, I enjoy running, exploring new places, and volunteering.

My name is Ashley Crickard and I am studying Mechanical Engineering on a Pre-Medical School track. Outside of EWB, I am the president of the Theme Park club, involved in Aerospace Engineering and Tourism research, the University Honors Program, and the Pre-Health Club. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, going to theme parks, and being outdoors.

Hey everybody! My name is Protima Mukherjee and I hope to major in Chemical Engineering. Things I love include dance, chemistry, dogs, naps, and mac and cheese, in no particular order. I am delighted to work with the Guatemala Water Sources and Treatment Project this year and look forward to learning about engineering, problem solving, team work, culture, and Spanish! 🙂

Hi! My name is Sydney Allen and I am studying Environmental Engineering. I’ve been a part of NC State’s Engineers Without Borders chapter and the Guatemala Water Sources project for a few years I have loved every second of it! This organization has truly shaped me both as a young engineer and a young adult and I wish for every other member to encounter a similar experience. If there is anything I can do to enhance this journey for you please do not hesitate to reach out!

My name is Jeremy Lowe and I major in environmental engineering. I have been a part of EWB since the fall of my freshman year and have taken on the role of Public Relations Director. I also had the privilege of serving on the first implementation trip in Caserio Panhux, Guatemala. In other aspects of my life, I am heavily involved with the Caldwell Fellows program and undergraduate research, and enjoy running and biking in free time.

My name is Jessica O’Neill and I major in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in biomaterials. I have been involved with Engineers Without Borders and the Guatemala Water Systems team since my freshman year. Aside from EWB, I am also very involved in the Engineering Village as a mentor to first-year engineering students, as well as the Biomedical Engineering Society Club, and Kappa Kappa Gamma!

My name is Amy Butler and I major in Civil Engineering. I have been a part of Guatemala Water Project for 2 years now and have been the Community Director of the chapter since the beginning of the year. Outside of EWB, I am the President of the NC  State’s chapter of American Concrete Institute, I’m involve with It’s On Us, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, and during my free time I enjoy rock climbing.

My name is Kendall Zorn and I major in Environmental Engineering with an intended International Studies minor. I’m a Grand Challenge Scholar focusing on Access to Clean Water and working on water access in developing countries is what I’m really passionate about and what I want to dedicate my career to! Outside of EWB, I’m also an officer in the Society of Women Engineers, Vice President for the Quad Area Council, and part of the University Scholars Program. I love a good laugh, being active, anything outside, and I’m planning on hiking to Mt. Everest base camp over the summer!

Hi! My name is Namrata Rajaraman and I major in Electrical and Computer Engineering and economics. Outside of EWB, I’m also involved in undergraduate research, the Krispy Kreme Challenge Fundraising Committee, and the Society of Women Engineers as well as a few other organizations. In my spare time, I love to read, travel, and listen to music!


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My name is Auma Asiyo and I major in Computer Science with a minor in Accounting. This is my second year as a part of NC State’s EWB chapter and the GWS project. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, baking and listening to music. I have enjoyed being part of this organization and I hope to continue being a part of it.

My name is McKinna Estridge and this is my first year with Engineers Without Borders. I’m majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Computer Programing. Outside of EWB, I’m involved in Women in Science and Engineering and I also TA for Software Development Fundamentals. In my free time, I enjoy painting and hanging out with my friends.

My name is Vineet Bhardwaj and I’m a Biomedical Engineering major. I’m excited to join EWB as a sophomore this year. My other interests include walking, traveling, hockey, and reading.

Hey! My name is Manny Valbuena and I’m a first year majoring in Environmental Engineering, with plans to minor in Art + Design. I am also a part of the Goodnight Scholars Program, and I’m looking to get more involved with impactful projects on and off campus. Outside of such things, I enjoy playing soccer, skateboarding, spikeball, and hiking, basically anything outdoors.

Hey! My name is Meredith Robbins and I am a sophomore majoring in Industrial Engineering and minoring in International Studies. I am a part of the Guatemala Water Systems team within EWB. Outside of EWB I am also involved in the University Scholars Program, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Tau Beta Pi. Some of my other hobbies include traveling and being outside.

My name is Yoshi Sato and I am majoring in Environmental Engineering. I have been a part of EWB and the Guatemala Water Systems project since Fall of 2020, and have already learned so much even through COVID times. I am also a member of Theta Tau, the professional engineering fraternity at NC State. When I have free time I enjoy hiking, fishing, and soccer.

Hi! My name is Faith Duggan. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Biological Sciences and Forensic Science. I love working with EWB because you can really see the results of what we are doing. I have been in EWB since my first semester at NC State! Other than Engineering Without Borders I am in WMEP and the Scholars Program. Outside of school I enjoying reading, playing video games, and hanging out in my hammock!

Hey, my name is Alex Rangnow, and I am a freshman looking to major in civil engineering. This is my first year being involved with a project team for EWB. Outside of class, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and basketball, spending time outside, and travelling.

Hi! My name is Jaclyn Kenzel and I hope to major in chemical engineering with a minor in business administration. This is my first year in EWB and I’m looking forward it! Outside of school, I love spending time outdoors; hiking, running, golfing, yoga and going on spontaneous trips.

My name is Ethan Everett and I am majoring in Civil Engineering. This is my first year as a member of EWB-GWS and am excited to see what the future holds. Outside of classes I am an avid sports fan in general I really like football, soccer, and hockey. I also love spending time outside and with friends.

I am Zachary Powers, a junior studying human biology with a minor in Spanish. Currently I am preparing to apply to PA school after graduation and working as an EMT. I joined the Engineering Without Borders community because there are so many things that I take for granted that other communities don’t have access to, and I wanted to have the opportunity to help communities gain access to basic resources that they are lacking.

Hey everyone! My name is Emma Hester and I plan to major in Environmental Engineering. I am thrilled to be a part of the Guatemala Water Systems Team! I am also a member of the Scholars Program, Society of Women Engineers, and Scholars Council. In my free time I like to watch movies, hike, and swim.

I am Daniel Friday and I’m a civil engineering major from Gastonia, North Carolina in the class of 2023. On campus, I’m involved with Service Raleigh, Undergraduate Research, and Engineers Without Borders. I joined the Guatemala Water Systems team in Fall, 2020 and have been a member of the grants committee ever since.

I am Grace Thomas, a Biological Engineering Major with a Business Administration Minor. I am originally from Raleigh and decided to keep it close for school by going to NC State! I love doing things outdoors like sailing, hiking and kayaking. I can’t wait to help the Guatemala Water Systems finish their project and ensure that it gets documented via the communications team.

Hey! My name is Marina Kapitanov and I am hoping to major in Biomedical Engineering and minor in Spanish. Some of my hobbies include making and seeing art, playing volleyball, and learning languages. I joined GWS my first semester, and am now serving as the Public Relations Director. Outside of EWB, I am also involved in the Helping Hand Project, the University Scholars Program, and German Club!