Zoe Levine (she/her) – President

Fifth Year – Biomedical Engineering

Hello! My name is Zoe, I am from Redwood City, California. I have been a part of EWB for 3.5 years and I am currently the President of our Chapter here at NC State. I love being a part of this club because of the focus on sustainable community impacts and technical experience. I joined EWB as part of NCP to get more involved locally and quickly got involved in chapter development. Since starting I have been Volunteering Lead, Community Director and VP of Chapter Development. I am excited to continue supporting the growth and development of our community of passionate students! Outside of EWB I spent my time crafting, climbing, and adventuring with my dog.

Andy Grieshop – Faculty Advisor

Dr. Andy Grieshop of the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering is the awesome faculty advisor for our chapter. Click here to read more about Dr. Grieshop’s work.

Aidan Lake – VP of Projects

Sophomore – Mechanical Engineering

Hey everyone! I’ve been apart of EWB and served as the current VP of Projects for two semesters now. I truly appreciate and love the commitment to increased sustainability and communication within the communities we work in. I am originally from Miller Place, NY and look to go fishing, play roller hockey, and continue my sports card collection in my down time. I hope to further grow our existing community and see new people join our cause.

Neal Patel (he/him) – VP of Chapter Development

Senior – Computer Science

Hi everyone!! My name is Neal Patel and I am from Apex, NC! My favorite things to do are playing soccer and dancing. I have been apart of EWB for 3 years, my positions before VP of Chapter Development include President and North Carolina Projects Co-Lead. I love giving back to the community I grew up in and seeing my work impact people in real-time.

Project Leads

Oskar Wolff (he/him) – Sierra Leone Water Co-Lead

Senior – Mechanical Engineering and Math Minor

Hey everyone! I joined EWB 3 years ago, and I started as an SL co-lead last fall. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the team accomplishes over the next few years—I think we’ve built up some great momentum after Covid. Outside of EWB, I’m the steering system lead for SolarPack, NC State’s solar car team. I also like to go backpacking, read, and play guitar.

Aaina Vannan (she/her) – Sierra Leone Water Co-Lead

Junior – Computer Science and Cognitive Science Minor

Hi! My name is Aaina, I’m from Chicago, and I’m one of the SLW project co-leads for Engineer Without Borders. I’ve been a part of EWB since my freshman year. I got involved after finding out about it through my Engineering 101 class. To me, the organization seemed like an opportunity to help others while also building a community here at State. And over the years, that’s exactly what EWB has amounted out to be. I absolutely love the people that I work, along with the projects that we work on, and our overall motto of helping others and making a change in the world – “People, not projects”. And outside of EWB, I’m a pretty outdoorsy person so I love to go on hikes and I occasionally cook 🙂

Ushab Dahal (he/him) – Guatemala Water Systems Co-Lead

Senior – Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration Minor

Hi, I am Ushab Dahal. I am a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Business Administration. I have been a part of EWB at NC State for 3 years, first a part of NCP and now GWS. My personal drive for life comes from the urgency of climate change. I believe as more people require improved infrastructure to live a dignified life, the need for resources will increase. So, I hope from my future work within the supply chain, I will have the knowledge to create a business that addresses the challenges of supplying developmental projects. I think EWB not only provides a great experience to engage with others and do a project but also helps identify the challenges faced by NGOs in implementing such projects, so that we may create better solutions for tomorrow.

Manny Valbuena (he/him) – Guatemala Water Systems Co-Lead

Junior – Environmental Engineering and Art and Design Minor

This is my fourth semester in EWB, and second as a project co-lead. I joined the club because of my passion for sustainability and environmental justice, and figured I would be a good fit for a project in Latin America since my family is Colombian and I speak Spanish fluently. So far, I’ve learned a lot about leadership and have definitely expanded my worldview, and I’m looking forward to leading a group for our project’s first in-person trip in over two years. Outside of EWB, I enjoy being in nature, traveling, and playing soccer. I’m also trying to get into sewing because I want to be able to make my own clothes, but for now I find joy in thrifting.

Jakob Triemstra (he/him) – Sierra Leone Renewable Energy Project Lead

Junior – Electrical Engineering

I’ve always been interested in solar energy generation, and back in Fall 2020 the Sierra Leone Renewable Energy project offered me a chance to explore my interest while contributing to a meaningful cause. Engineers Without Borders has changed the way I think about serving others and introduced me to some of the most impressive and motivated individuals at NC State. When I’m not working on EWB, I’m playing in the marching band, writing music, listening to my vinyl collection, or playing pickleball behind Carmichael.

Andre Husbands (he/him) – Local Projects Co-Lead

Junior – Mechanical Engineering and Graphic Communications Minor

Hey! My name is Andre and I have been a part of EWB for about four semesters now. I have been a member of NCP during this time and I have loved every minute of it. Outside of EWB, I like to play soccer, go bouldering, and play basketball with friends. I was originally born in North Olmsted, Ohio, but my family moved to Apex, NC when I was only a few years old. 

Sam Friedel (he/him) – Local Projects Co-Lead

Junior – Mechanical Engineering

Hey! My name is Sam Friedel and I’m a Co-Lead for the North Carolina Projects team. I’m from Apex, NC, and in my free time I enjoy disc golfing, hiking, watching football, and traveling. I joined EWB in Spring 2022 and quickly jumped into a role as an officer because I loved being on a project team so much. As an aspiring engineer, NCP was a great way for me to get experience working in a team to overcome design challenges and give back to my community!

Chapter Development Officers

Greta Perez (she/her) – Administrative Director

Sophomore – Industrial and Systems Engineering and Sociology Minor

Hi! I’m Greta Perez and I’ve been involved with EWB since my first year at NC State. I’m from Venezuela and I’ve been in the United States for 3 years. I’m a Sophomore double majoring in Industrial Systems Engineering and Sociology. Currently, I participate in the Sierra Leone Water Project and serve as the Administration Officer for Engineers Without Borders. I love getting involved on campus and meeting new people!

Hannah Uglehus (she/her) – Financial Director

Junior – Industrial and Systems Engineering

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Uglehus and I am from Charlotte, NC. I am the current Financial Director for EWB. I have been a part of EWB since Sophomore year. I love EWB because we have a direct impact on communities. I enjoy attending Wolfpack sporting events, cooking, hangin out with friends and exercising.

Dylan Johnson (he/him) – Public Relations Director

Junior – Mechanical Engineering

Hello Everyone! I am just starting EWB this year with an emphasis on bringing back the volunteer group! Before EWB I was an active volunteer in Special Olympics and other communal programs. I am from Cocoa Beach, Florida and besides volunteering my hobbies include triathlon training and soccer. In my opinion, the best aspect about EWB is the hands on experience in real life engineering situations! Look forward to seeing you in the field!


Emi Boldor (she/her) – Fundraising Director

Sophomore – Double majoring in Civil Engineering and International Studies: Global Relations

I joined EWB Fall of 2021, which was the first semester of my freshman year. I grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Brasov, Romania, and am fluent in Romanian. I enjoy spending my free time playing volleyball and tennis, along with reading and hanging out with friends.

Amanda O’Brien (she/her) – Technical Director

Sophomore – Textile Engineering

Hey everyone! My name is Amanda and I am the Technical Director for EWB. This is my second year with EWB and at NC State. I am from Hampstead, NC which is about 20 minutes from Topsail Island. I love being a part of all of the amazing things that EWB does and working with a fantastic group of people. I love to crochet, take care of my many plants, and get boba!

Vanessa Chaquea (she/her) – Partnerships Director

Junior – Civil Engineering and Business Entrepreneurship Minor

I’m Vanessa Chaquea a 3-year Civil Engineering Major and Business Entrepreneurship Minor. I was born in Florida but raised in NC. In my free time I like making playlists and playing sports. I joined EWB my first semester of my 2nd year at state. I was very intrigued about the chance to get hands-on engineering experience. I also joined NCP since I wanted to be part of a project that was building something tangible to help our community.

Nidhi Patel (she/her) – Community Director

Senior – Biomedical Engineering and Business Administration Minor

Hey everyone! I am a senior this year and have been apart of EWB since my freshman year. I’ve been involved in many parts of the organization, starting with fundraising and now with the North Carolina projects team for the last 2.5 years. Something that made me join EWB my first year at State was the sense of community and inclusiveness that all the members showed, and it made me want to be involved and connected with people from the organization. I’m proud of the work that’s done and hope that others have the same passion for our projects.