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Emily Johnston – President
Senior – Biomedical Engineering

Hey y’all! My name is Emily Johnston and I am the current President. I’m a SENIOR in Biomedical Engineering and I stumbled upon EWB at the beginning of freshman year and allowed it to change my life! I have held many different officer positions and have had the great opportunity to watch the organization and the members in it grow and evolve through my time with it. I am so excited for what we are going to have going on in the near future as I bring home my last year!!!


Vinicius Taguchi – Vice President of Projects
Senior – Biological Engineering with a concentration in Environmental Engineering, Minor in German

Hello, I’m Vini and I’m the Vice President of Projects this year. Since this will be my last year at NC State, I am looking forward to passing on all of my experience as an EWB member for 3 years and international project lead for 2 years. I believe that having a direct application for one’s education fuels the passion that can change the world and I am determined to make our projects a success, so please email me to learn more about what we’re doing and how you can be a part of it (no matter what your major is).

AmberAmber Fields – Vice President of Chapter Development
Senior – Biological Engineering concentrating in Agricultural Engineering

Hi everybody! My name is Amber and I am currently serving as the VP of Chapter Development. I am currently a senior in Biological Engineering concentrating in Agricultural Engineering. As well as being an officer I am also a member of the Sierra Leone Water Systems team. I have been in EWB since my freshman year and it has been a great experience. I hope to get to know many of you over this next year and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.



Project Leads

ColinColin Davis – Bolivia Water Sanitation
Senior – Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Microbiology

I am excited about the work and impact Engineers Without Borders has globally, locally, and on campus. Being able to collaborate and interact with fellow members is as a rewarding and fulfilling experience as any and I am humbled by their passion. Please email me with any questions or if you would like to contribute in any way!

JohnJohn Merrill – Sierra Leone Water Systems
Sophomore – Environmental Engineering/Outdoor Leadership

Hello, everyone! I’m John Merrill and am the project lead for our Sierra Leone Water Systems project. I am a sophomore studying environmental engineering and have been a member of EWB for a year now. I am excited and determined to help this project progress, and can’t wait to meet and collaborate with this year’s team!

AlexAlex Johnson – Sierra Leone Renewable Energy
Senior – Chemical Engineering, Minors in Biology and Spanish

Hello! My name is Alex Johnson and I am the project lead for the Sierra Leone Renewable Energy project. I’ve been an officer in EWB for 2 years as the local projects lead and professional development director. Some of my hobbies include yoga, tree climbing, soccer, dance-walking, and smiling. However, my greatest passion is making our society more sustainable. I believe that investment in renewable energy systems is a significant step towards achieving these goals.


Rahul KathardRahul Kathard – Local Projects Lead
Sophomore – Biomedical Engineering, minor in Spanish

Hey there! I’ve been a part of EWB local projects since my freshman year because it allows one to get immediate hands on experience with engineering matters within the local community. I look forward to being able to practice some basic yet crucial skills through all of our easily accessible projects and workshops!



Chapter Development Officers

Owen Webster
Owen Webster – Financial Director
Freshman – Mechanical Engineering and Economics
My name is Owen Webster. I am majoring in both mechanical engineering and economics. My greatest passion is implementing science, technology, engineering, and entrepreneurship to affect positive social change. Through Engineers without Borders, I have found that this objective is very attainable. My involvement with Engineers without Borders began during my first semester at NC State. I am eager to serve the organization and work towards realizing its noble goals in a manner that reflects well on our wonderful chapter and university.

Stephen Mitchell – Administration Director
Senior – Mechanical Engineering
This is my third year working with Engineers Without Borders; in addition to VP of Chapter Development, I am a member of our chapter’s Sierra Leone Water Systems project. My involvement with EWB has been amazing experience. I have gained invaluable skills and lifelong friends. I look forward to watching our chapter and students grow over the next year!

Ben Sterling
Ben Sterling– Fundraising Director
Civil Engineering with a concentration in water resources
Hello! My name is Ben Sterling and I’ve been a part of EWB since fall of my sophomore year, and I got the amazing opportunity to be on the Bolivia travel team last summer! I am excited to spend this year as an EWB officer and to continue my participation in the Bolivia water project. EWB is great way to gain hands on experience no matter what your major and has made my college experience so much more enriching. I encourage everyone to get involved!

TBD – Public Relations Director

Kaitlin Crenshaw – Professional Development Director
Senior – Mechanical Engineering

Hi! I’m Kaitlin, a senior in Mechanical Engineering here at NC State. I’ve been with Engineers Without Borders since my freshman year, and in that time I’ve seen what this amazing group of students can accomplish. I’m hoping that I can bring my experiences to the table in this new role and help positively impact the lives of people abroad and here at NC State!


Risa Sayre – Webmaster and Media Specialist
Senior – Environmental Science with a focal area in Environmental Engineering, minor in Environmental Toxicology,

Hi! I research in the de los Reyes lab on the inactivation of Ascaris eggs in latrines (Ascaris is a parasite that affects around two billion people around the globe). After graduation, I intend to earn my masters degree here at State. My career goal is to help create small-scale, sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure in communities affected by health and economic disparities. In my personal life, I enjoy gardening, playing music and singing, and having fun with my family and our pets. I am very excited to support the work of EWB; I hope to see you at a meeting soon!

The responsibilities of each officer can be seen here.