Raz Camby – President
Senior – Electrical and Computer Engineering

I have worked with Engineers Without Borders for the past 3 years, and in that time I have had the privilege to see the amazing growth which occurs as students are exposed to the work of international aid and development. I am so happy to be a part of something larger than the scope of our every day lives as students, and look forward to the next year of work!

StephenStephen Mitchell – Vice President of Chapter Development
Junior – Mechanical Engineering

This is my second year working with Engineers Without Borders; in addition to VP of Chapter Development, I am a member of our chapter’s Sierra Leone Water Systems project. My involvement with EWB has been amazing experience. I have gained invaluable skills and lifelong friends. I look forward to watching our chapter and students grow over the next year!


Nathan Hansen – Vice President of Projects
Sophomore – Mechanical Engineering

I a member of the Sierra Leone Renewable Energy project. I plan to lead the smooth transition of the chapter finances to the national office, as well as implementing a consistent, reproducible and predictive budget to facilitate the large scale vision of the chapter and goals of the project teams.




Project Leads

Alec Pura – Bolivia Water Sanitation
Senior – Biological & Agricultural Engineering

Hi! My name is Alec Pura and I am the project lead for the Bolivia Water Sanitation project. I am a senior in Biological & Agricultural Engineering and I have been a member of EWB NCSU/Bolivia project for one and a half years. I am extremely passionate about this club and the people in it. We were fortunate to have an implementation trip this Summer ’13 and I look forward to start a new project with Bolivia.

ViniVinicius Taguchi – Sierra Leone Water Systems
Senior – Biological Engineering (Environmental Engineering Concentration)

Hello, I’m Vini and I’m the project lead for the Sierra Leone Water Systems committee! I believe that Having a direct application for one’s education fuels the passion that can change the world, and that is exactly what I’ve gotten out of my time in Engineers Without Borders. I am determined to make this project a success, so please email me to learn more about what we’re doing and how you can be a part of it (no matter what your major is).

DylanDylan Cawthorne – Sierra Leone Renewable Energy
Senior – Environmental Engineering

Hi, my name is Dylan Cawthorne and I am the Project Lead for the Sierra Leone Renewable Energy Committee. I’m a senior in environmental engineering, and I have been involved with EWB for 3 years. I went on an assessment trip to Freetown, Sierra Leone in Dec 2011/Jan 2012. I am excited at the prospect of working with the community to meet their energy needs!

no_bio_imageErik Vosburgh – Local Projects Lead
Junior – Enviormental Engineering

With local projects, I want to give myself and others a chance to get outside of the box and start applying their thinking to the real world. Classrooms are a start, but they also strip away the social and design dimensions that engineers often only have a chance to practice after graduation.

I became involved last year out of an interest in international work, and I’ve since become interested in the local dimension of EWB involvement. Raleigh is a growing city with plenty of opportunities for EWB members to get some useful experience, while also doing some good.




Chapter Development Officers


Emily McGuinness – Financial Director
Sophomore – Textile and Chemical Engineering

Hello! My name is Emily McGuinness and this is my second year working with EWB-USA, NCSU. In addition to being Finance Director this year, I am also a part of the Sierra Leone Water Systems project. I really love working with EWB and I am looking forward to all the progress we will make in this upcoming year!


Emily Johnston – Administration Director
Sophomore – Biomedical Engineering

Hey y’all! My name is Emily Johnston and I am this year’s Administrative Director. I’m a junior in Biomedical Engineering and I stumbled upon EWB at the beginning of freshman year and allowed it to change my life! I have held many different officer positions and have had the great opportunity to watch the organization and the members in it grow and evolve through my time with it. I am so excited for what we are going to have going on in the near future!


Liz Moomey- Fundraising Director
Junior – Communication

I have been involved in Engineers Without Borders for two years now after finding out about the organization in high school. I helped with fundraising for the Sierra Leone Renewable Energy Project and am excited to help raise funds for the projects.


Laura Saleeby – Public Relations Director
Senior – Biological and Agricultural Engineering

I became involved with EWB last fall serving on the Bolivia Water Sanitation committee and had the awesome experience of traveling to Bolivia for an implementation and assessment trip over the summer! I plan on promoting our chapter and increasing its visibility over the course of the upcoming year.


Suzanne Leonard – Professional Development Director
Sophomore – Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Hey there, I am a sophomore Electrical and Computer Engineering major, with a concentration in Renewable Energy. I am apart of EWB because I am eager to help ease humanity’s transition towards an era of sustainable practices on a global level. I am currently working on the Sierra Leone Renewable Energy project. I am also the Development Director for this chapter of the club.


Neera Chatrath – Media Specialist
Junior – Computer Science

Hey! I’m Neera Chatrath and I am a junior in Computer Science. I came across EWB sophomore year and decided to join it in Spring 2014. As media specialist, I hope to use media to attract a larger crowd to spread interest for EWB and the EWB NCSU chapter to promote their mission and vision.

Josh Dickerson
– Webmaster
Sophmore – Material Science and Engineering

Hey Guys! I’m Josh, the current Webmaster for this awesome EWB chapter here at State! I got started this Spring and wanted to become a bigger part of what makes this organization so great: the people, the mission, and the purpose. I look forward to spending my undergrad career with EWB-USA, NCSU, and who knows, maybe I’ll stay here for grad school too! If you have any questions or concerns [or compliments :)] feel free to send me message!

The responsibilities of each officer can be seen here.