Rahul Kathard
Rahul Kathard – President
Sophomore – Biomedical Engineering, minor in Spanish

Hey there! I’ve been a part of EWB local projects since my freshman year because it allows one to get immediate hands on experience with engineering matters within the local community. I look forward to being able to practice some basic yet crucial skills through all of our easily accessible projects and workshops!


Julia Allen – Vice President of Chapter Development
Junior- Materials Science and Engineering- Nanomaterials Concentration

Hi, everyone! After getting a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, I intend to go to graduate school. My favorite activity is traveling. I joined EWB last year because I wanted to be able to use my education to help others; I think it is absolutely amazing how much students can make a difference. Currently, I am part of the Sierra Leone Renewable Energy Project. Please e-mail me if you have any questions!

Project Leads

Matthew Benbow
– Bolivia Water Sanitation
Junior – Materials Science and Engineering, Microbiology

I am excited about the work and impact Engineers Without Borders has globally, locally, and on campus. Being able to collaborate and interact with fellow members is as a rewarding and fulfilling experience as any and I am humbled by their passion. Please email me with any questions or if you would like to contribute in any way!

JohnJohn Merrill – Sierra Leone Water Systems
Sophomore – Environmental Engineering/Outdoor Leadership

Hello! My name is John Merrill and am the project lead for our Sierra Leone Water Systems project. I have been involved with EWB since I first stepped foot on campus, and have loved every minute. This organization is an excellent way for engineers to obtain hands-on experience while making our world a better and more sustainable place. We are always looking for students across all disciplines of study, within engineering or not, please reach out if you are interested! I can’t wait to see what progress we make this year, continuing to make a positive impact within our community.

Michelle Lishner – Sierra Leone Renewable Energy
Sophomore in Biological Engineering – concentration in Bioprocessing

Hello! My name is Michelle Lishner and I am the project lead for the Sierra Leone Renewable Energy project. I am truly passionate about taking care of our planet and the people on it. Engineers Without Borders and I’s goal for the future is parallel: to ensure that all people have their basic human needs met using sustainable technology. To me, the marriage between creating direct engineering solutions and helping people around the globe is quite romantic and thanks to Engineers Without Borders I am able to do just that. I am looking forward to collaborating with bright minds to create a fruitful future for Sierra Leone!


David Hursey – Local Projects Lead
Junior – Environmental Engineering

Our local projects format is little different than it has been in the past. It is now a part of our general body meetings and we will have a Local Focal week on the 4th week of every month. Come out to our weekly meetings to learn more and get involved!


Chapter Development Officers

EWB PortraitOwen Webster – Financial Director
Sophomore- Mechanical Engineering and Economics
Hello, my name is Owen Webster. I am a junior majoring in mechanical engineering and Chinese. I hope to pursue a career in aerospace, space exploration, physics, or climate science. I joined Engineers Without Borders my freshman year. This organization provides a wonderful avenue to directly serve others while learning valuable technical and soft skills along the way. Beyond engineering, I am interested in politics, economics, and Chinese language and culture.


Chris (2)Chris Johnson – Administration Director
Junior – Electrical and Computer Engineering

My name is Chris Johnson. I’m a Junior studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have been a part of Engineers Without Borders for over two years, and have contributed to our Sierra Leone Renewable Energy project ever since. My involvement with EWB has been an incredible experience. I look forward to serving the chapter in the coming year!

Ben Sterling
Ben Sterling– Fundraising Director
Civil Engineering with a concentration in water resources
Hello! My name is Ben Sterling and I’ve been a part of EWB since fall of my sophomore year, and I got the amazing opportunity to be on the Bolivia travel team last summer! I am excited to spend this year as an EWB officer and to continue my participation in the Bolivia water project. EWB is great way to gain hands on experience no matter what your major and has made my college experience so much more enriching. I encourage everyone to get involved!

Sandra Reinisch – Public Relations Director

Tabitha Cabral – Professional Development Director
Senior – Chemical Engineering

Prayag Pershad – Webmaster and Media Specialist
Sophomore- Biomedical Engineering, Spanish minor,

Hi! My name is Prayag and in addition to acting as the Webmaster and Media Specialist for our organization, I am also a part of the Bolivia Water System project team. In my free time, I love camping, traveling, reading, and any combination of those. I aspire to attend medical school, and I think EWB is a great opportunity to employ the technical skills I learn in the classroom for the benefit of the international community. I am very excited to support the work of EWB; I hope to see you at a meeting soon! If you have any questions about our website, just shoot me an email!

The responsibilities of each officer can be seen here.