December 2015 update from Bolivia Water Supply

The Bolivia Water Supply project team of the North Carolina State University student chapter of Engineers Without Borders is continuing with new implementation designs in accordance with what was learned during the 2015 Summer assessment trip and with the Community’s continued expressed desire for increased water storage capacity. The primary design incorporates the use of the on-site infirmary which has a pre-existing gutter system, providing a convenient starting point for retrofit of a new rainwater catchment system. As a contingency, the team has plans for expanding the storage capacity of previously implemented rainwater catchment systems via addition of new tanks. Our in country contact, Damian, has communicated to us that the school plans to move forward in agreement with the newly elected authorities, more details on that as they are relayed to us. Additionally, continual rainfall has hampered efforts to evaluate the repairs made during the assessment trip but our contact has stated he intends to update us as soon as possible.